Unable to connect to the communicator.


If the cellular network is unavailable or there is to much traffic on the network, your panel could struggle to communicate with the app.

This can be compared to when your phone call is dropped by your cellular network provider.

The alarm panel does not use the same cellular network as your phone or even your home WiFi. The panel uses a special cellular communication device, called a Falcon.

How to solve as a user

Please retry your action on the app.

How to solve as a technician

If the error continues to occur regularly, please check the following:


  1. Check that the Falcon communicator is installed in a location in your house that has adequate network coverage.

  2. Ensure that the signal strength is 5 and above.

  3. Check that the Falcon communication antenna is screwed in.

  4. For a Falcon communicator with dual sim cards, change the default sim to the network that has the best network coverage.