If a lot is going on in life and if you ever forget your password, we got you covered. You can quickly and securely reset your password with your account email by following the steps below. If you want to reset your password with an email, go to this article.

But before your start reading, it is very important to this this security rule, we will only send OTPs to phone numbers that has been confirmed. If your phone number was not confirmed before you forgot your password, you will need to reset your password with an email. Read this article how to confirm you phone number.

1. Click on FORGOT PASSWORD on the login screen.

2. Select MOBILE PHONE as the method to reset your password.

3. Enter your phone number and click NEXT.

4. After your phone number was validated, you will receive a SMS with a One-Time Pin (OTP).

Please note a warning message will be displayed if your phone number was not previously confirmed. Follow the message instructions for an alternative method to reset your password.

5. Open your SMSs to retrieve the OTP.

6. Back to the security app, enter the OTP and click VERIFY.

7. After successfully verifying the OTP you can enter a new password and click NEXT.

8. Confirm your password one more time and you are done after clicking CONFIRM.

9. You will receive a message if the password is successfully saved and you can use the new password to log into the security app again.

Summary of all possible password reset (from a phone number) outcomes and messages

1. "An One-Time PIN (OTP) has been sent to your phone. Please enter the OTP in the next step to allow you to change your password. If you do not receive an SMS in the next few minutes, check you SMS spam folder."

Success! Please follow the steps in the message.

2. "No confirmed phone number could be found for your phone number. Please recheck the number or enter another phone number. If the phone number was not previously confirmed, it cannot be used to reset your password."

Please check that you entered the correct phone number :-)

3. "The phone number your phone number was not unique to this user. For security, the profile's phone number status has been reset. Please use your email to reset your password. Confirm your phone number once you are logged in again."

This message should never appear, but we have your back if anything goes wrong. Please claim and confirm your phone number again after you have reset your password. You will first need to use the email method to reset your password.

4. "The phone number your phone number is invalid."

The phone number must be in the correct format or added to our list of approved countries. We only support country codes from countries where the devices are sold.

5. "A password reset link has been sent to your phone. Please enter the one-time PIN (OTP) to allow you to change your password."

6. "The OTP you entered is invalid or expired. Please try again or request a new OTP to be resent." 

Please check that you did not make any mistake typing the OTP number :-)

7. "Password successfully reset."